Wednesday 19th December 2012


It’s less than a week to go now until Christmas. And I don’t know about you but I’m struggling to keep up my healthy eating habits.

No matter what you find yourself doing, Christmas lunches and parties even a visit to the supermarket; you’ll find yourself surrounded by tasty treats guaranteed to boost your waistline. All of which unfortunately are not very good for shrinking your waist line!

But after all, Christmas is all about enjoying yourself and the odd indulgence.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a fan of crash or fad diets, for the reasons of ineffectiveness and danger to your overall long term health, so that’s a non-starter.

So how about one of the fastest growing weight loss ‘solutions’, one of these options being liposuction?

The simple fact is it's not an option I would like to choose.

Fortunately though, there’s another choice available. One which combines the benefits of liposuction with none of the harmful side-effects, pain, cost or difficulty of treatment.

A proven, pain-free weight loss treatment which works while you sleep…

It’s called the LipoPatch, and as the name suggests it’s a unique medical patch containing plant extracts. It works by removing fat deposits stored in your body in a similar way to conventional liposuction, but naturally and painlessly.

LipoPatch works well thanks to its application of the ancient medical practice known as acupressure. Used in traditional medicine worldwide for many thousands of years, acupressure works by applying pressure to certain parts of the body in order to heal them and drain away toxins, and is similar to acupuncture without needles.

One of these points is through the skin on the soles of your feet, something reflexologists know well, an area where the body’s excess fat can be drained away by a process called osmosis.

The way LipoPatch works is fascinating yet very simple. The unique patch, which you stick to the soles of your feet last thing at night (just before you go to sleep) drains out your excess fat overnight.

This is because each patch contains eucalyptus tree sap, a substance which provides both antiseptic properties and a negative charge, which counterbalances and breaks down the positively-charged fatty deposits stored in your body.

There’s no mess produced as the pads suck out your fatty deposits into your patch. All you have to do is put a LipoPatch on the sole of your foot when you go to bed.

You don’t need to go on any special diet, or eat certain “good” foods and avoid other “bad” ones. You also don’t need to run around like an Olympic athlete or sign up to a gym membership and follow an exercise programme.

You also won’t need any painful surgery and the LipoPatch is 100% safe with no side-effects. What’s more over Christmas and the new year you’ll still be able to lose weight but with minimum effort. This means you can continue to indulge in all your favourite foods and still lose your excess weight.

The good news doesn’t stop there.

When you order a certain number of patches, you’ll also receive a special bonus product called the Lipo Patch Boost Formula.

Available in capsule form (for the first time in the U.K.) it contains a powerful combination of all-natural extracts including:

Elderberry (one of Nature’s ‘superfruits’, Elderberry contains potassium which help reduce blood pressure, and is known to assist in regulating bowel activity).

Laminaria Digitata (commonly known as oarweed or kelp, this dark brown seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is an excellent source of iodine. It’s also a highly-effective laxative and works by absorbing excess water and preventing gastric bloating).

When taken in combination with the LipoPatch, the Lipo Patch Boost Formula capsules will boost your weight loss still further.

In the spirit of Christmas, there’s more…

When you order today, you also receive a mystery free gift worth £25 with all orders, plus it’s something which you can use every day.  

You can even keep your Mystery Gift should you decide to ask for a refund after your 90-day trial period.

So with more gifts on offer than in Santa’s sack, and the chance to lose all your ‘Christmas Padding’, you now have the chance enjoy a very merry (and slim) Christmas, whatever your age or current weight.

Until next week, take care…

Yours sincerely,


Gerald Taylor

P.S. One other thing… LipoPatch is fully covered by a 90-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

There are thousands of people worldwide who have seen for themselves how effectively LipoPatch works. Here are the comments of a few of these people, which make for interesting reading:

‘…I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and family…’
“I had tried practically everything to lose weight, but nothing ever worked for me before… But today I can live a completely new life because I lost 3st 8lbs. in only 30 days and WITHOUT GOING ON ANY KIND OF DIET! I am a new woman, as anyone can see – much more confident and outgoing and I feel really sexy! !!!! This miracle was made possible by LipoPatch pads… I always dreamed of changing my body shape overnight with liposuction but on a cleaner’s wage I couldn’t afford it, or face the pain of surgery! But LipoPatch gave me the slim figure I’ve always wanted. Thanks so much for letting me try it… I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and family without doubt...”
Marcha G

‘…LipoPatch is so easy to use…’
“I lost 7st in just 4 months and 3 weeks – thanks to LipoPatch. Yes, you read it right: 7st without any diets or exercises whatsoever... Hard to believe, I know, but I swear that it’s true! In fact because LipoPatch works while you sleep it’s impossible to do anything else other than let the pounds simply melt away in the night. And LipoPatch is so easy to use – just place the pad on to the sole of your foot overnight – wake up and it’s full of fat, then just throw it away! - it can’t get much easier than that.”
Kate J

‘…now I can live the sort of life I thought I would never be able to enjoy…’
“How can I thank you… Because of you my life has changed! Yes, I lost all my excess weight (5st 8lbs) quickly and effortlessly, just by using LipoPatch pads. For me it’s a true miracle because I really thought I'd live my whole life in the skin of a fat person. But now I can live the sort of life I thought I would never be able to enjoy, Thank you so much!”
Frances A